Drink “Pelwatte” stay healthy


Factory & ProductsIn today’s world of fast food products, healthy and nutritious foods are truly hard to find. We all, especially children tend to avoid drinking milk. But at present there is a wonderful solution in the form of Pelwatte Dairy which is famous in producing nutritious and healthy products. The Pelwatte Dairy Industries Limited is a registered company in Sri Lanka who is well known for its dairy products. It is equipped with high tech technology and processes hygienically rich milk maintaining international standards.

Established in the year 2006, the owner and chairman of the company Ariyaseela Wickremanayake invested Rs 1.5 billion to start the company in order to produce dairy products such as milk powder, liquid milk, butter, yoghurt, cheese and ice cream. It has been further reported that within a short span of time, the company is also planning to introduce full cream milk powder to the market. As the cattle are being fed on superior quality animal feed, the milk collected from these cows is also of good quality. This in turn also increases the productivity of the herd.  (This red  part is duplicated in the document.)

Earlier it was reported that importers bought the low quality milk powder which was detected later on. Earlier people used to drink the imported milk powder instead of the liquid milk. Now it has been stopped as Pelwatte produces milk powder in 400gm packs priced at Rs. 255. The company slowly and steadily introduced the entire range of dairy products and eventually defended the drain of foreign exchange from the country. It should be noted that “Pelwatte” has already distributes yoghurt, ice cream and butter to the market and within a period of time, the products will be distributed around the country.

Pelwatte Dairy is not only produces nutritious and healthy products but also takes good care of the herd and also the farmers. Factories have been introduced to produce 10 tons of milk powder, 50,000 yoghurt cups and two tons of butter each day and 4000 bottles of liquid milk in an hour. As a result, due to the sufficiency of milk, there is a lowering in the price of the milk and its products, although some of the importers create artificial shortages to raise the prices. The proud company Pelwatte Dairy at present has an aim of making Sri Lanka a self sufficient country in milk and all kinds of milk based products.