Milk and Dairy Producers Could Benefit from the Active Exercise Market

  1. New Market Could be Tapped by Dairy Producers

Compared to the past, more people are exercising in the present. More than one billion total hours of exercise occur each year than the year 2003. These stats give a window of opportunity for dairy products such as milk, yoghurt, cheese and dairy ingredients, as they contain protein which are helpful for sportsman because of the high protein content and the overall nutrient package that it provides.

The increased amount of time spent on exercise shows the holistic approach that people have for health and wellness.

For many years it was believed that the nutrient quality of the diet, especially the value of dietary protein was of assistance with sports nutrients and performance. Athletes and those who are physically active on a larger scale can reap benefits of high proteins, including muscle building and maintenance, improved body composition and exercise recovery.

Research indicates that 36% of those who exercise seek products that contain a high value of protein, while a third of them would pay more for food items with added proteins.

Such research findings provide an enormous business opportunity for dairy producing companies as it can be marketed that dairy products have a high value of protein.

  1. Dairy Companies Are Not Effective at Tapping Sports Market

Yet while there is an enormous market for protein-rich food among the active population, the dairy companies are not tapping into this opportunity. It was found that only 12% of the population found that dairy products are sources of protein. Yet two segments, namely flavored milk and whey protein have allowed the other sections of the dairy segments, such as cheese and yoghurt to enter the sports arena segments.

  1. What Does Research Say on Dairy Products and Protein

Thanks to scientific research, it has been found that consuming milk from a post workout plan is an effective way to stimulate muscle recovery and replenish the lost nutrients. As a result, the industry has altered the perception of people regarding milk.

In the meantime it has been found that consuming whey protein is good for an individual and 57% of the people agree that consuming whey protein is good for oneself, while another 43% agree that whey protein is one of the highest quality proteins.

The value of proteins in dairy products varies according to the source. While proteins are found naturally in meat and some plant food, the amount and quality of protein differ. High quality proteins that are found in milk, cheese and yoghurt provide all the needed amino acids that the body is incapable of producing. A new method called the Digestible Indispensible Amino Acid Score that assesses protein value also sets to differentiate dairy products from others as high quality protein sources, further adding to the evidence that proves dairy products as being high in protein, which would enable the consumer to achieve their sports goals.

By adhering to the paths created by flavored milk and whey protein, cheese and yogurt producers can position their products as favorable protein content.