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Unsalted butter: Why recipes call for it

In the beginning, butter was salted to help preserve it. But with modern ways of refrigeration and distribution, salt is now largely used in butter because many people prefer the flavour. The amount of salt used in butter can vary among different brands, anywhere from ¼ teaspoon per stick of butter to ½ teaspoon. Many cooks and chefs prefer to use unsalted butter in their recipes for this very reason because they can control .
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Milk and Dairy Producers Could Benefit from the Active Exercise Market

New Market Could be Tapped by Dairy Producers Compared to the past, more people are exercising in the present. More than one billion total hours of exercise occur each year than the year 2003. These stats give a window of opportunity for dairy products such as milk, yoghurt, cheese and dairy ingredients, as they contain protein which are helpful for sportsman because of the high protein content and the overall nutrient package that it .
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New Dairy Products Regulates Blood Pressure

What Most People Want through Dieting and How Can it be Achieved Increasingly people desire a diet that makes them feel good. To obtain such a result, many opt for food items that can control their blood pressure. It is estimated that at present 76.4 million US people are living with high blood pressure, while 30% of them have pre-hypertension. When it comes to managing blood pressure, the only requirement is not to cut .