Pelwatte Dairy Industries Limited was set up in 2006 at Buttala in the district of Monaragala in Sri Lanka.

The project was conceived with the following objectives:

  • To help farmers to earn more by increasing their dairying capacities.
  • Augment the local market for fresh milk and milk products that is produced locally.
  • Cutting down on imports of dairy products that drains out huge amount of foreign exchange.
  • To make the country self-sufficient in milk.

In order to fulfill the above objectives, the Company observed the cow nutrition as the main and important factor to increase the productivity of the animal. The establishment of the animal Feed Mill was thus given the first priority under the project with a designed capacity of 60 MT per day of high quality animal feed.  The aim is to make available this nutritious animal feed to the dairy farmers at an affordable cost to improve the nutrition of the cattle population which in turn will benefit the farmers with higher productivity of their herd.

With the increased milk production of the animals the Company ensured the famers a ready market for their milk production thus making way for them to have a steady monthly income through the sale of their yield to the factory. The milk processing factory could handle 100,000 ltre of fresh milk per day.

Having met with considerable success in achieving the objectives and being able to position the Pelwatte brand suitably in the market, the company aims to set up its second factory in 2014.The facility which is likely to be set up somewhere in the Eastern province will entail a spending of US $40 million.

Pursuing the goals of uplifting the socio economic status of the farmers and making the country self sufficient in milk production the company has been in the growth path ever since its inception and has been looking out for new opportunities to expand its business.

The company has been consistently delivering international quality products of liquid milk, milk powder, yoghurt, butter, ice cream and cheese. The confidence that the customers have reposed in the organization has been a great motivating factor that has encouraged the management to establish the Pelwatte brand as an international identity.

The company has extended its marketing even beyond the shores of Sri Lanka and is currently exporting butter to the Far East and Maldives. Plans of venturing in to new markets in Africa are also underway.