Pillars of Pelwatte


We never compromise our quality standards as we strongly believe that maintaining high quality is an essential aspect that ensures the sustainability of our business. Moreover we consider it as one of our responsibilities towards our society. As we are supplying dairy products to the whole nation starting from children to youths, adults to elderly people we follow strict quality measures, environmental policies, safety and sanitary precautions and packaging benchmarks.


Milk is the food that a human starts to consume from birth. It contains all the nutrition needed for a healthy growth of a person but also delicious too. Especially the dairy products of Pelwatte namely the Flavoured Milk, Ice Cream, Yoghurt and Butter in addition to the Milk Powder are so creamy and delicious that you will not say no to its tastiness. The fresh ingredients and the high quality standards followed in manufacturing and packaging make our dairy products very delicious and fresh.


We strive to nourish our nation in two ways. One is to produce high calcium dairy products that contain other vital nutrition too to enhance our consumers’ health and wellbeing. At the same time we collect milk only from our local farmers attached to our project that have been carefully monitored and trained in producing fresh raw milk. As a result whilst their livelihood is also developed we collect home produced fresh milk that does not lose any nutrition during the process of milk collection.