Empowering the Nation

We Bring Wholesome Milk from Our Farmers to Your Cup

Being a country flourished with abundant water resources, perfect climatic conditions, soil that is full of life and matchless labour force Sri Lanka is a paradise that has everything. However it is sad to see that all these unlimited resources are not being used optimally where it ends up with the dependency of the whole country on other countries. Unlike many other countries that export commodities, especially food and beverages as raw materials and finished goods to Sri Lanka, we are blessed with plenty of natural assets.

We at Pelwatte are trying our best to match the gap that this country encounters in achieving the self sufficiency status in producing milk and related value added milk foods. As Sri Lankans and especially as a dairy company, we know the potential of this industry thoroughly. As we work closely with dairy farmers of the island we understand that there is no scarcity in terms of milk production for the entire nation. However the scarcity occurs in processing the milk produced and preserving it for later consumption.

Given the fact that Sri Lanka is facing some serious scarcity in technology oriented facilities to process the fresh milk collected from our farmers and to store them for future needs, we at Pelwatte have set up a state of the art factory that is capable of processing 15,000 liters per day.

With the aim of empowering our local farmers, we have formed our own cattle farm by absorbing the farmers from the neighborhood. This helps us in two ways, one is that it gives a consistent supply of raw milk for production whilst it also ensures a sustainable income flow for the farmers.

We are more than happy to be trusted with our farmers’ livelihood. They believe us and we are proud that our initiative toward achieving self sufficiency in milk production has empowered many rural farmers and their families to earn a sustainable income. Being in the industry for a substantial period we are now witnessing prosperity and growth in their families. Their kids are obtaining school education with no difficulties, the women and men are able to earn their day to day expenses whilst saving for their future as well and the youths of these families are able to enjoy their lives.