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Pasteurization effects on nutrition value of milk

Everyone has heard of the term pasteurization before or one may have even seen it mentioned on the packaging of dairy products in supermarkets and stores. It refers to the process of heating milk to between 630 C and 720C for a few seconds before cooling. Invented by French scientist Louis Pasteur in the 19th century, it destroys any bacteria that is present during the milking process and which may cause serious diseases. It .
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Is Dairy good or bad for you?

There has been a rising controversy over dairy products in the present times. Is it really good for you as many people seem to claim or are there serious negative sides to it. Many health organisations promote it wholeheartedly as being essential for bone development in the human body. Along with this there are also other nutrition experts who disagree with this common notion and instead say that it is quite harmful and it .
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Nutrition Facts and Health Effects of Milk.

Milk and Milk Products consists of a wealthy source of protein, it roughly has about 1g of protein in each liquid particle (30.5g), and 7.7g in every drink, which is (244g). These can be separated into two sets established on their dissolvable ability in water.  Unsolvable milk proteins are known as casein, and solvable proteins are whey proteins. Both of them are known to be of outstanding standards, with an excessive amount of vital .