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Why milk is still a healthy option

There have been several recent news stories surrounding the consumption of milk. Some of these claim that milk could be harmful to your health due to it causing various issues such as inflammation, auto immune disease and type 1 diabetes, and that it may also contain allergenic proteins such as casein, which can become a problem for some people, and especially cow dairy, namely unpasteurized milk should be avoided. Therefore dairy should not be .
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Consumer trends to develop food that fits modern lifestyles

  Compared to several years ago, the lifestyles of many people today have changed drastically. Along with that people’s food and beverage trends have also changed to fit their modern lifestyles more perfectly. As many people today have busy lives especially when it comes to their careers, very few families sit together to have a meal. Due to this food companies today have to study various food and beverage trends to make sure their .
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Daily dose of the sunshine vitamin: Vitamin D

Vitamin D is often called the sunshine vitamin because it is mainly produced in the body when one is exposed to UV rays (sunlight). This is why skin is the major natural source of Vitamin D. Very few foods contain this essential vitamin and one of these is milk. Other than sunlight it is it is one of the excellent sources of Vitamin D. Other foods that contain it are fatty fish such as .